Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fly the Engine on Amazon

FTE is on sale at Amazon now, not as an in-stock item but as an item that can be ordered through a private seller (namely me).

It turns out Amazon will let you sell items privately (like eBay, sort of) and take "only" a 15% commission for themselves. I can live with that.

But if you're a publisher and you want Amazon to actually stock your books and fulfill orders directly, they keep 55% of every gross order dollar, plus miscellaneous merchant fees (and a month's float on balances due you). That's fair, right?

Let me see . . . 15%, or 55% . . . I wonder which is better . . .

BTW, Rita and I will be happy to give a quantity discount to anybody who buys 5 or more copies of Fly the Engine (for UPS-ground shipment to a single address). The discount won't be 55%, but it'll be worthwhile. Write to us for details:


bsm999 said...

I just went to Amazon before coming to this site. What's with the >>>$189<< price? That's a lot!!

I already have my copy from Aircraftspruce for $39.95 and see that the pilotstore has it for $35.95. Don't think you will sell many for $189.

However, it is a *fantastic* book and I am hanging on every word!

Kas Thomas said...

That's somebody (not me!) trying to sell a copy of the now-out-of-print first edition of the book. People occasionally ask high prices for the first edition. Apparently some people consider it a collector's item.