Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fly the Engine is Back in Print!

This is an exciting day for me. Through the miracle of print-on-demand, Fly the Engine is back in print once again (for the first time since 1995)! I just "published" it today on; haven't actually seen a hard copy of it yet, but I trust Lulu to do a good job. I've seen their books. They look pretty darn good.

It took a good while to update the original manuscript. All in all, I'm surprised how well the material has stood up over time. But I made quite a few changes, additions, corrections, and deletions; and I added a good bit of new material (resulting in an increase in the page count, to the tune of around 45 pages). This is a true page-by-page revision, not a quickie once-over fluff job.

The book is available for purchase now at (check out the free online sample, too).

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