Friday, November 30, 2007

Under Attack by the LOP Mafia

The lean-of-peak evangelists are starting to send me e-mail accusing me (essentially) of being a misinformed perpetuator of old wives' tales. I'm grateful for the e-mail, because it reminded me that I hadn't turned on "anonymous comment" capability for this blog. It is now turned on, in case anyone wants to pillory me here, now. (Someone, please try it out to see if it works. Leave a comment!)

I'm not told by the critics exactly what I've said that's an old wives' tale. In an earlier blog, I told how Max Conrad would lean to the point of engine roughness on one mag, then switch back to both mags to get the engine to run smoothly at the leanest possible mixture. That doesn't seem like such a controversial thing.

I do tend to use the term "lean misfire" fairly freely, but I think most people understand what the term means.

I also wrote that I don't like flying behind a rough engine. In other words, I don't pull the mixture knob out until the engine stumbles, then leave the knob there. (Understand, I'm not telling other people what to do; I'm just saying what I won't do.)

But as I say, I'm starting to get rather harsh-sounding mail accusing me (basically) of being ignorant and misinformed on the subject of mixture management, when (as far as I know) I haven't really said anything controversial. Some of these folks seem to be reading meanings into things that aren't there.

In any case, I welcome comments, on this or any subject; leave one below.

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